The Truth About MgO Boards


• MgO sheathing boards can be highly structural in all axis and a better option for most current sheathing products.
• MgO boards can be highly fire, water, impact and mold/fungus resistant outperforming conventional options.
• MgO boards can have a high quality finished face with preformed tapered edges and be finished like drywall with standard finishing   products.
• MgO board is comparatively green as it has a low embodied energy, cures by chemical exothermic reaction,captures carbon during   the curing process and is recyclable.
• MgO boards can be very sustainable and stand up to the most rigorous environmental conditions on the planet.
• MgO as a sheathing is gaining traction in the market and holds the best potential as an alternative to current options available   globally.
• MgO boards of high quality are the best current option for SIPS assemblies being superior to wood in durability,lighter and easier to   finish than concrete board and far more design friendly than steel.


• Magnesium oxide sheathing products have been available in China for decades.
• Virtually ALL Chinese manufacturers use the same processes and narrow range of recipe designs.
• Most of the manufacturing plants use the same age old hand mixed and bucket poured slurries that produce varying grades   depending on the quality of raw materials, cleanliness of equipment and diligence in process both chemical and physical.
• Most Chinese plants sell to Chinese or other Asian markets where low to medium quality MgO products are acceptable and therefore   are designed and focused on meeting THAT demand.
• Virtually all Chinese QC programs are poorly run and inconsistent producing board that has varying and ever changing QC issues   which is still acceptable to the domestic Chinese market.
• MgO boards produced in the average Chinese facility have the basic MgO attributes of fire, water and, mold/ fungal resistance but   with varying and ever changing consistencies.
• Quality of face finish and structural strength and integrity are inconsistent.
• Cutting board squarely is often poorly monitored and makes end use difficult.
• Dust and debris from cutting is often left on the uncured boards and sets into the finished face.
• Chinese plants often ship these poor quality boards and when the importer is unsatisfied he MAY get compensation for the   product.but never the shipping ...this is a huge cost in most cases.
• Most importers of MgO boards are at the mercy of the manufacturers' QC programs.

The Truth About MgO SIPS


• MgO SIPS have been around as an idea for a few years and are gaining traction and interest globally.
• MgO SIPS made with a quality stable MgO sheathing will out perform all wood and cement clad alternatives.
• MgO SIPS are highly fire, water, impact and mold and fungus resistant.
• MgO SIPS create virtually air tight, energy efficient, sustainable and recyclable structures.
• MgO SIPS “systems” when properly designed and installed reduce skill requirements, labour times and waste compared to   conventional and other SIPS assemblies.
• MgO SIPS manufacturing and installations are simple, economical and relatively portable.
• MgO SIPS should be the alternative building assembly of the future globally.
• MgO SIPS could become a primary building assembly globally given time.


• MgO SIPS are a relatively new concept and there are VERY few people with any real time experience delivering a warrantable system to   the retail market.
• MGO SIPS require a consistent high quality MgO skin to deliver the attributes that make it the world class alternative building   product it can certainly be.
• Most MgO importers claim their board can be used on SIPS but have NOT actually delivered and warranted such products to the   retail construction market.
• Most MgO SIPS manufacturers of which there are very few...DO NOT.. Have a 3rd party tested “SIP SYSTEM”, credible history or   workable assembly guidelines.
• MgO SIPS need to be part of a proven “assembly system” and tested to internationally recognized accredited standards to be   warrantable.
• MgO SIPS if not made of the highest quality products and assembled by a proven and tested system will be an ongoing warranty   problem for the manufacturer and the constructor.
• Most MGO SIPS providers import Chinese board and assemble with systems and products and fasteners designed for OSB and other   wood based SIPS systems.


• Mg Housing is the culmination of a decades work in R&D in China, the North American lab and in the field.
• Mg Housing MgO board is manufactured on a fully automated system that takes most of the human element and traditional process   inconsistencies out of the equation.
• Mg Housing is in the 4th evolution of board development and is teamed with a US based MgO group that has created and patented 3   processes to develop and test MgO sheathing recipes for chemical stability across a full spectrum of sustainable performance   criteria.
• Mg Housing and the US group are now able to dial up various physical attributes and desired performance criteria and make sure   they are 100% stable for the life of the products.
• Mg Housing is in the 3rd evolution of its SIPS system and has now met the very onerous and strict new seismic,wind and general   building codes of New Zealand.
• Mg Housing has completed all testing and review requirements thru Intertek Labs, BEAL NZ and JASANZ to achieve an official Code   Mark. Published December 2013.
• Mg Housing and its parent Quze Inc. is comprised of career builders, developers and professionals and has over a decade of MGO   board and MGO SIPS experience.
• Mg Housing has and continues to deliver high quality warrantable MgO SIPS structures internationally to the retail construction   market.


• Mg Housing Systems are tested to ICC, ASTM and JAS-ANZ acceptance criteria.
• Mg Housing has now been “Code Marked” for national approval under the building codes of AUS/NZ through Joint Accreditation   services of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) December 2013.
• Mg Housing deliver ALL of the inherent structural and energy efficient qualities of existing SIPS technology but with a far superior   Mg Housing sheathing component.
• Mg Housing are highly fire, water, mold/fungus and impact resistant.
• Mg Housing outperform conventional and other SIPS assemblies in sustainability, durability & energy efficiency.
• Mg Housing sheathing is manufactured in the only fully automated MgO board factory in the world.
• Mg Housing sheathing and SIPS have a low embodied energy when compared to otherassemblies and the products actually bind   carbon as they cure.
• Mg Housing turn key manufacturing facilities are easy to operate and very cost effective compared to other systems.
• Mg Housing are the easiest SIPS assembly to learn to install and are tested as true SIPS without the need for extra framing in most   standard applications.
• Mg Housing do NOT require additional interior gypsum board application and can be finished to custom quality with standard drywall   finishing products and processes.
• Mg Housing can be finished on the exterior with standard exterior finishing materials and claddings.
• Simple, reliable and expandable manufacturing
• Capable of producing up to 750 panels per day or about 6 typical. North American houses 4 press production line.
• Setup can be expanded or reproduced very quickly and economically even in remote locations.


• Simple components.
• Simple process.
• Requires only basic skills.
• Multi-Level construction.
• Up to 3 story self supporting structural capability.
• Window and door design shape flexibility.
• Available as raw panels or custom cut kits.
• Can be used jointly with conventional construction materials.

• Durable and Eco-Friendly product for the new millennium.
• Multi-Family and Single Family projects for All climates.
• Commercial Applications and Standard Processes.
• Curved wall / Design Flexibility.
• Professional and Clean Finishes.
• Stucco AND Stone.


Urban Renewal for Native Housing

• 800 single family homes proposed for   Saskatchewan.
• A builder we supply has invested in 3 model homes.
• Media hits on News Talk 980.
• We're building homes that are attractive,   economical, and ones we'd be proud to have our   own children living in," said Sentry Homes CEO Bud   Anderson.

First Nation Joint Venture Project

Onion Lake Native Housing

•Onion Lake Reservation First Nations Housing   Initiative.
• Completed 2011.


• Financed by humanitarian funds from GTF Group.
• Media hits on News Talk 980.
• The initial contract is for 1,000 single family 2 and 3   bedroom homes per year for 3 years (anticipated   start date spring 2017).

Angola Project

• Housing project for 1,000 houses with a mining   company.
• Simple basic housing similar to refugee housing in   Kenya.
• Simple and functional housing developed in Canada   for use in harsh and distant locations around the   globe.

Ghana Project

• Artists rendition – Multi Family Residential.
• Safe, Affordable and Comfortable housing.

United Nations Housing Project

• The Genesis Project – Kenya 5,000 units is   scheduled to replace tent city.
• Production in China at our Mg Housing facility.
• Tent city to be replaced by Mg Housing affordable   housing.


• Negotiating a joint venture with a Canadian Architectural firm in Dujiangyan City. They have established the donation of 800 hectares of development land. In addition to single family homes they require row housing and multi-family units, schools and medical centers.
• Negotiating a joint venture with a Canadian Architectural firm in Dujiangyan City.
• They have established the donation of 800 hectares of development land.
• In addition to single family homes they require row housing and multi-family units, schools and medical centers.




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