CESGI provides planning, architecture, engineering, procurement, general contractor, program and construction management, and maintenance and support services for critical infrastructure projects. An extensive track record of completing international projects on time and within budget makes CESGI a reliable partner. As part of its commitment to sustainability, CESGI offers development services. With professionals in a number of practice areas, CESGI’s development services are available for government, private entities, and individuals alike.
CESGI s commitment to building infrastructure in challenging locations is unparalleled. CESGI’s engineering and program management teams have the know-how to overcome challenges presented by limited access to capital resources. Over the past many decades, CESGI and his team has successfully completed projects in various environments while working with people of different cultures and languages.


CESGI offers engineering, design, construction, project and program management, procurement, and maintenance services for transportation projects. It works on a variety of rail, aviation, automotive, and marine transportation programs and serves both private and government clients all over the world.

Water/Waste Water

CESGI provides water and wastewater solutions to customers worldwide. Whether a solution is needed for water treatment; waste water management; storm sewers and drainage systems; sanitary and potable water systems; or urban, rural, or industrial water management, CESGI can design a customized solution and offer full life-cycle support.



CESGI is a Cleantech company. We create innovative technologies to supply renewable and sustainable energy products that meet regulatory requirements and community needs across the globe.

As societies grow and develop, our world faces unprecedented social challenges and environmental pressures. Technological innovation is key in addressing these problems and creating a shared sustainable future on a healthy planet.

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© All rights Reserved CESGI

© All rights Reserved CESGI