CESGI signed a contract with local Kenyan company for establishing Ecophaser waste energy plant for 120 MW and also signed for 180 MW Solar farm in Kenya yesterday dated March 08,2018.local Kenyan company have MOU signed for PPA with tariff of US$ 0.12/kwhr with government authorities. Now CESGI will arrange 100% financing for both power plants and install both plants. CESGI have Waste energy technology of 12MW Ecophaser gasification plant which have zero emissions by using 300TPD Muncipal waste/Biomass. CESGI also have new Canadian Solar power technology which have more efficiency than other solar power panels using in the Globe. CESGI will start project in next 30 days in Kenya. First waste energy plant will be installed in Nairobi.



CESGI is a Cleantech company. We create innovative technologies to supply renewable and sustainable energy products that meet regulatory requirements and community needs across the globe.

As societies grow and develop, our world faces unprecedented social challenges and environmental pressures. Technological innovation is key in addressing these problems and creating a shared sustainable future on a healthy planet.

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© All rights Reserved CESGI

© All rights Reserved CESGI